Real Estate

San Ramon Real Estate Attorney

From their offices in San Ramon and Napa, lawyers at the Rupprecht Law Firm assist buyers, sellers, investors and developers throughout California in and around the San Francisco Bay Area in a wide range of real estate transactions and litigation.

Real estate transactions involve multiple steps and a complex web of laws and regulations that must be navigated in order to complete a deal. Whether residential or commercial in nature, real estate transactions represent significant investments of money, time and often a great deal of stress and emotional attachment. The attorneys at the Rupprecht Law Firm guide clients through the myriad legal requirements and ably represent them in negotiations and dealings with buyers, sellers, brokers, contractors and other parties.

In California real estate transactions, issues surrounding transfer disclosure statements are another frequent area requiring legal assistance. The adequacy of the statement describing the condition of the property as well as the existence of any easements, nearby nuisances or hazards or building permit problems are frequent points of contention, sometimes involving the seller’s broker or agent as well as the seller personally.

Disputes can arise during a transaction or at any time during the ownership of a property. Litigation or other legal intervention may be required to resolve land use issues or property line or boundary disputes, to repair title defects or require specific performance, to deal with problems at closing, or to bring suit to quiet title or challenge a fraudulent deed conveyance.

Attorneys at the Rupprecht Law Firm also handle a variety of construction defect litigation, dealing with everything from design defects and poor workmanship to building materials failures and slope instability. The firm also frequently works to resolve landlord tenant leasing disputes including alleged breaches of the covenants of quiet enjoyment and habitability and issues related to possession and unpaid rent.

Firm founder Michael Rupprecht is a former licensed real estate broker with years of firsthand experience in the real estate field. Mr. Rupprecht served for many years as General Counsel for a regional home builder and his significant accomplishments in the area of law include negotiating and consummating the largest single land transaction in Sacramento County history.

For representation in real estate transactions or litigation throughout California contact the Rupprecht Law Firm.