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Attorneys at the Rupprecht Law Firm advise and represent business owners in California and the San Francisco Bay Area on all of their business law needs, including entity formation, purchase, sales and other transactions and litigation to resolve disputes and other legal matters.

Attorneys at the Rupprecht Law Firm are familiar with all manner of business transactions. The firm helps in negotiating, drafting and reviewing purchases and sales of property, equipment or businesses, commercial leases, vendor and supplier contracts and employee agreements.
The firm’s lawyers also assist with every aspect of business formation, advising clients on the proper entity to form for their specific purposes, whether it is a partnership, corporation or hybrid form such as a limited liability company. Once a form is selected the firm prepares and files the necessary documents to ensure that the business can legally operate within the state and perform all of the functions its owners have set out to accomplish.

Regardless of how careful a company is in conducting business, contract disputes and other legal problems are bound to arise. When they do, it is essential that these situations are resolved quickly and efficiently, with minimal cost and disruption to the business.

The business litigators at the Rupprecht Law Firm provide aggressive and effective representation in disputes involving the interpretation or terms of a contract, as well as personel issues involving termination, trade secrets and covenants not to compete. The firm also litigates disputes among business partners regarding decisions and dissolutions.

Corporate Counsel Services
The majority of small business cannot afford to have their own in-house general counsels, yet they face the same day-to-day legal issues that larger corporations confront, such as personnel issues, customer complaints or problems with vendors or suppliers. With the law firms Corporate Counsel Services, small business owners can have access to the firm as outside general counsel, providing them with advice and counsel on an as-needed basis. This cost effective solution helps clients stay in compliance with local rules and state and federal laws and helps protect them in the event of a dispute arising out of one of the company’s transactions.

San Ramon Business Law Attorney

Seek Experienced Legal Representation
For businesses in the Bay Area in need of competent, professional legal assistance, the Rupprecht Law Firm offers advice, counsel and representation from the bargaining table to the courtroom. Contact the Rupprecht Law Firm regarding how the firm’s business services can assist you.